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1. Satchel stacking.

Do not stack satchels to get outside a closed map.

2. Armory glitch Do not glitch up on roof of armory.
3. Grenade jumps

Do not use grenades to jump over walls or other objects.

4. Wall running/Running towards a wall. Do not run against a wall in a conteiner or other objects to become more difficult to shoot or to increase lag.
5. Leaft Lean Glitching Left lean glitching is allowed in corners.
6. Glitches that makes you go through or up on objects. Do not use glitches that makes you go through or up on ohjects. .
7. language Dont use bad language against others. We do not mind a little swearing now and then but reapeted name callings, racial slurs or personally offensive statements is not welcome.



1. If you break the above mentioned rules one or two times.

If you break above mentioned rules it can result in a warning and administrator asks you to not do it agen.

2. If you repeatedly break the above-mentioned rules If you repeatedly break the above-mentioned rules it will result in a kick or ban. It is up to administrator to decide if it will be a life time ban or for a short period of time.



1. Virtual private network (VPN) and Proxy.

We do not allow usage of virtual private network (VPN) when visiting the server.

2. Imediete remove from server. Usage of Virtual private network (VPN) or Proxy will result in a ban without notice. .



1. Feel free to contact the administrator if you have any questions or if you want to report any cheaters. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


2. When you report a cheater.

1.specify the name of the cheater

2. The time.

3. What map you were playing when you noticed him,

4. What he or she does that makes you think that he or she is cheating.


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